Spring is the new summer

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“Spring, as measured by the appearance of the first leaves on trees, is arriving sooner than in the past as the planet continues to warm from greenhouse gases. ”

“The earlier spring arrival increases the risk to agriculture and gardening, as the premature emergence of buds and leaves gives them more of a chance to be damaged from a frost or freeze during the first part of the spring.”

“early blooms and leaves may emerge before migrating pollinators, such as bees and birds, return for the season, further stressing agriculture.”

As good as this my sound for those who like warm weather, it is not particularly positive to the ecosystem that is affected by early warming. Now that trends in warming are starting to escalate with no signs of slowing down, we could be headed towards extinction of many things in our ecosystem that keeps the planet alive.






Renewable energy outnumbers fossil fuel jobs, thus another reason to give up on fossil fuels


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“when it comes to coal and gas — two sectors President Donald Trump has promised to bolster through his upcoming executive order on energy regulation — clean energy jobs outnumber jobs dealing with those two fossil fuels by 5 to 1.”

“The Trump administration, in contrast to China, has shown little interest in spurring innovation or job creation in the renewable industry. The administration’s proposed “skinny budget” cuts funding to Department of Energy programs aimed at investing in clean energy innovation.”

 75 percent of Trump voters think that the federal government should take steps to accelerate the development and use of clean energy in the United States. Only 58 percent of Trump supporters want to see more emphasis on natural gas, and just 38 percent want more emphasis on coal.”

The push for renewable energy gains a new reason for why we should support It. With signs of the public supporting this, it seems as if their is hope for the future of the world pushing towards renewable energy. Trump’s reign over cutting the funds for renewable energy can’t last forever with all of the people who are supporting renewable energy now.






















India receives 2nd highest rainfall in the world, but still faces water shortage. global warming at work ladies and gentlemen

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Image result for water shortage meme

“The vast, flat lands that compose much of India depend on waters flowing down from snow melting in the Himalayas. And a reliable influx of moisture in the form of the Southeast Asian Monsoon is a much-needed backstop to the heat and dryness of April, May, and early June.”

“But the warming of our world through fossil fuel burning and related greenhouse gas emissions is causing the glaciers of the Himalayas to melt. It is causing temperatures during spring to increase — which more rapidly dries the rivers and wells of India’s plains. It is creating a hot, dry atmospheric barrier that increasingly delays the onset of India’s monsoon. And since the 1950s India’s rainfall rates have been decreasing.”

“April, May and June is the hottest, driest period for India. And the state is entering this season with almost a 150 million people already facing water stress. Moreover, the warming of Equatorial waters in the Pacific as another El Nino is again expected to emerge increases the risk that the 2017 monsoon could be delayed or weakened. So with a water crisis now ongoing in the south, conditions are likely set to worsen soon.”

If India can’t significantly improve its water management, states will turn rivals, springing up between different types of water users. This will be a dangerous development for the world’s most populous country around 2025’s.




The only thing worse than having snow is not having it



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“Forty million people depend on the Colorado River for drinking water. But water shortages in the river are already common. That’s not just because we’re going to see changing precipitation patterns. It’s also going to get warmer. And warmer temperatures can exacerbate droughts, especially when they happen in spring.”

“The headwaters of the Colorado River are fed by snowpack, and a warm spell in spring can make that snow melt too early. When it does, it evaporates or gets absorbed by soil. As a result, when summertime comes, less is available for runoff into the river.

“Weather records show that springtime temperatures in the west are increasing, and scientists expect the trend to continue.” “So for the farmers who depend on the river for irrigation, and the communities that rely on it for drinking water, warmer and drier conditions pose a real and immediate threat.”

With no restriction on water yet in Colorado combined with little regulations by the US government to avoid global warming, these trends will expand through the country, severely injuring multiple communities.



Soon, wearing rain coats will be as common as wearing shoes

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“The world is warming because humans are emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gases. We know this for certain; the science on this question is settled. Humans emit greenhouse gases, those gases should warm the planet, and we know the planet is warming. All of those statements are settled science.”

“One weather phenomenon that directly affects humans is the pattern, amount, and intensity of rainfall and the availability of water. warmer air can also more quickly evaporate water from surfaces. Observations reveal more intense rainfalls and flooding in some areas. But in other regions there’s more evaporation and drying with increased drought. Some areas experience both.” “It falls upon city planners and engineers to design infrastructure that is more able to accommodate heavy rains and manage water.”

“By defunding organizations like NASA, the EPA, and NOAA, they [USA] are making us fly blind into a future.”

With little to no signs of changing polices to fix global warming by the world superpowers, we creep closer to this vicious cycle of too much rain and no rain at all – which doesn’t just hurt the planet, but also every other organism on the planet.




















Agriculture, USA’s greatest enemy


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Global warming is a threat to agriculture in the United States.

“If global temperatures continue to rise, the United States faces big drops in harvests of major food crops by 2100”. “The new report highlights food security as an area of particular concern as crop yields for maize, rice and wheat are expected to decline in coming decades. About one in 10 projections show losses of over 25% for those crops.”

“After 2050, the risk of severe impacts on yields increases, along with boom-and-bust cycles in many regions. At the same time, global demand for food will grow as the population rises to an estimated nine billion. According to the Summary for Policymakers, food prices are likely to rise from three percent to 84 percent by 2050 due only to climate change. That increase varies with the severity of climate change.”

“The projected impacts of climate change on food production could be mitigated in several ways, the report notes. More use of plants genetically engineered to resist drought, use of drought-tolerant crop varieties, and better irrigation methods could all be used to deal with unreliable water supplies. That global warming threatens food production in the United States, and the world, in coming decades now seems certain unless dramatic adaptation efforts begin soon, according to the IPCC”. Further-more, the current outlook of USA’s agriculture will be worse as the current president, Donald Trump, continues to ignore and advocate against global warming.








No longer the “great” Barrier Reef

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Scientists issue a climate change alert for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

“New research warns that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can be saved only if urgent steps are taken to tackle climate change. The study, published in the journal Nature, says parts of the world’s largest coral system will never fully recover from repeated bleaching, caused by spikes in the water temperature.”

“Heat stress on corals continues to mount with sea temperatures still abnormally high. There’s also no cyclone or large tropical low on the forecast horizon to stir in cooler waters and provide cloud cover.”

“The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has further darkened with evidence of an unprecedented second consecutive bleaching event this year, researchers at James Cook University said. Unseasonably warm waters threatens to cause bleaching of the central region of the Great Barrier Reef, which avoided the large-scale damage from the bleaching in 2016.”











China’s air pollution, a reminder to re-thinking going outside to get some “fresh air”


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“New research claims more “airpocalypses” are expected to occur in China as global warming worsens. The severe pollution suffered by China recently points to one major cause — climate change.”

“Climate scientists have found that the lack of ice in the Arctic and increasing snowfalls in Siberia have changed the weather patterns in East China.”

“As global warming will continue to cause melting of Arctic ice, the researchers said, “extreme haze events in winter will likely to occur at a higher frequency in China.” The airpocalypse phenomenon should give a more urgent tone to initiatives in reducing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.”









February 2017, It’s gorgeous! beautiful sunshine and spring bird song. Probably global warming but who cares.

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“The month was 2°F (1.1°C) above the 1951-1980 average, according to NASA data. That was 0.36°F (0.2°C) lower than February 2016, which ranks as the most anomalously warm month in NASA’s global temperature records, which go back 137 years.”

“One of the clear hotspots on the globe was once again the Arctic, as was the case in January and last year [2016], which was the hottest year on record. Temperatures there were about 7°F (4°C) above average during February. Those high temperatures have kept Arctic sea ice to record low levels; the Arctic looks to see a record low winter maximum sea ice area for the third year in a row.”

“The five warmest years have all occurred since 2010, according to NOAA, and every year of the past 40 years has been warmer than the 20th century average.”

“While 2017 is unlikely to break 2016’s record, it is still likely to rank among the hottest years, according to U.K. Met Office projections.”






Trump’s values in four words; extinction of our species


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Trump “proposes to fully eliminate or drastically reduce funding for a wide swath of federal clean energy programs and energy efficiency efforts.”

“In all, it would cut more than 50 programs from the Environmental Protection Agency, including the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature effort to fight climate change.”

“Earlier in the year, British scientists said the withdrawal of the US from the field would damage climate science everywhere.”