The only thing worse than having snow is not having it



Image result for colorado warming meme


“Forty million people depend on the Colorado River for drinking water. But water shortages in the river are already common. That’s not just because we’re going to see changing precipitation patterns. It’s also going to get warmer. And warmer temperatures can exacerbate droughts, especially when they happen in spring.”

“The headwaters of the Colorado River are fed by snowpack, and a warm spell in spring can make that snow melt too early. When it does, it evaporates or gets absorbed by soil. As a result, when summertime comes, less is available for runoff into the river.

“Weather records show that springtime temperatures in the west are increasing, and scientists expect the trend to continue.” “So for the farmers who depend on the river for irrigation, and the communities that rely on it for drinking water, warmer and drier conditions pose a real and immediate threat.”

With no restriction on water yet in Colorado combined with little regulations by the US government to avoid global warming, these trends will expand through the country, severely injuring multiple communities.




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