Soon, wearing rain coats will be as common as wearing shoes

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“The world is warming because humans are emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gases. We know this for certain; the science on this question is settled. Humans emit greenhouse gases, those gases should warm the planet, and we know the planet is warming. All of those statements are settled science.”

“One weather phenomenon that directly affects humans is the pattern, amount, and intensity of rainfall and the availability of water. warmer air can also more quickly evaporate water from surfaces. Observations reveal more intense rainfalls and flooding in some areas. But in other regions there’s more evaporation and drying with increased drought. Some areas experience both.” “It falls upon city planners and engineers to design infrastructure that is more able to accommodate heavy rains and manage water.”

“By defunding organizations like NASA, the EPA, and NOAA, they [USA] are making us fly blind into a future.”

With little to no signs of changing polices to fix global warming by the world superpowers, we creep closer to this vicious cycle of too much rain and no rain at all – which doesn’t just hurt the planet, but also every other organism on the planet.





















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