No longer the “great” Barrier Reef

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Scientists issue a climate change alert for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

“New research warns that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can be saved only if urgent steps are taken to tackle climate change. The study, published in the journal Nature, says parts of the world’s largest coral system will never fully recover from repeated bleaching, caused by spikes in the water temperature.”

“Heat stress on corals continues to mount with sea temperatures still abnormally high. There’s also no cyclone or large tropical low on the forecast horizon to stir in cooler waters and provide cloud cover.”

“The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has further darkened with evidence of an unprecedented second consecutive bleaching event this year, researchers at James Cook University said. Unseasonably warm waters threatens to cause bleaching of the central region of the Great Barrier Reef, which avoided the large-scale damage from the bleaching in 2016.”












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