Agriculture, USA’s greatest enemy


Image result for usa global warming meme

Global warming is a threat to agriculture in the United States.

“If global temperatures continue to rise, the United States faces big drops in harvests of major food crops by 2100”. “The new report highlights food security as an area of particular concern as crop yields for maize, rice and wheat are expected to decline in coming decades. About one in 10 projections show losses of over 25% for those crops.”

“After 2050, the risk of severe impacts on yields increases, along with boom-and-bust cycles in many regions. At the same time, global demand for food will grow as the population rises to an estimated nine billion. According to the Summary for Policymakers, food prices are likely to rise from three percent to 84 percent by 2050 due only to climate change. That increase varies with the severity of climate change.”

“The projected impacts of climate change on food production could be mitigated in several ways, the report notes. More use of plants genetically engineered to resist drought, use of drought-tolerant crop varieties, and better irrigation methods could all be used to deal with unreliable water supplies. That global warming threatens food production in the United States, and the world, in coming decades now seems certain unless dramatic adaptation efforts begin soon, according to the IPCC”. Further-more, the current outlook of USA’s agriculture will be worse as the current president, Donald Trump, continues to ignore and advocate against global warming.









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