February 2017, It’s gorgeous! beautiful sunshine and spring bird song. Probably global warming but who cares.

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“The month was 2°F (1.1°C) above the 1951-1980 average, according to NASA data. That was 0.36°F (0.2°C) lower than February 2016, which ranks as the most anomalously warm month in NASA’s global temperature records, which go back 137 years.”

“One of the clear hotspots on the globe was once again the Arctic, as was the case in January and last year [2016], which was the hottest year on record. Temperatures there were about 7°F (4°C) above average during February. Those high temperatures have kept Arctic sea ice to record low levels; the Arctic looks to see a record low winter maximum sea ice area for the third year in a row.”

“The five warmest years have all occurred since 2010, according to NOAA, and every year of the past 40 years has been warmer than the 20th century average.”

“While 2017 is unlikely to break 2016’s record, it is still likely to rank among the hottest years, according to U.K. Met Office projections.”







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