The world is being abused. The way I decide to prove this is through multiple facts so you are able to KEEP BOTH EYES OPEN AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT.

Multiple studies have shown that 96% or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree that climate warming trends from the past century are likely because of human activities. In addition, most scientific organizations worldwide have created public statements favouring this position. Below are quotes from different originations about global warming published by NASA on there website.

“Climate change is real. There will always be uncertainty in understanding a system as complex as the world’s climate. However there is now strong evidence that significant global warming is occurring. The evidence comes from direct measurements of rising surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures and from phenomena such as increases in average global sea levels, retreating glaciers, and changes to many physical and biological systems. It is likely that most of the warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities (IPCC 2001).”

“The global warming of the past 50 years is due primarily to human-induced increases in heat-trapping gases. Human ‘fingerprints’ also have been identified in many other aspects of the climate system, including changes in ocean heat content, precipitation, atmospheric moisture, and Arctic sea ice.” (2009, 13 U.S. government departments and agencies)